WrapFollowing allows you to insert multiple plain-text elements right into your MiPage code in the form of single comment blocks. You can keep lines at any desired length, as they will be seamlessly merged.

This page demonstrates some use-cases to get you started. Check the source code to see how we did it!

All the content on this page was created using calls to WrapFollowing:

  1. Creating several paragraphs (_.p) at once, like the introductory text above.
  2. Filling a numbered (_.ol) or bullet (_.ul) list with list items (_.li).
  3. Inserting code samples (_.pre):
 Add _.style'.bodytext {color: purple; font-weight: bold;};' 
 Add WrapFollowing'p class="bodytext"' 
 (Add _.ol).Add ('{' '(_.')('}' ')')Subst WrapFollowing'li' 
 Add WrapFollowing'pre' 
Controls used on this page: Base HTML: olstyle