_DC.List🔗 Enhanced HTML ul

Constructor: [items [levels [links]]]

items – vector of texts for the list

levels – optional vector of levels

links – optional anchor links OR matrix [;1] items [;2] levels [;3] links

Public Fields:

Items – vector of texts for the list

Levels – optional vector of levels

Links – optional anchor links

MakeIds – 1 to assign ids to list items

Ordered – 1 to make ordered (numbered) list


Ul (⊂'Item 1' 'Item 2' 'Item 3') ⍝ needs to be enclosed if vector

Ul (('One' 'Two')('http:/one.com' 'http://two.com'))

Ul (('One' 'Two')(('http:/one.com' 'target=_blank') 'http://two.com')) ⍝ Link can have attributes

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